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Matcha green tea powder that easy to enjoy with hot or cold water. The tea powder can be eaten, so you can fully enjoy the rich nourishment of tea.


Green tea cultivated using HB-101 and completely pesticide-free, with HB-101-activated tea leaves that are mellow, deep and full of flavor and rich in catechins and other substances. Under the guidance of local specialist farmers, the tea is carefully and wholeheartedly picked by employees at Flora's own tea plantation.


<< How to enjoy Matcha green tea powder >>
For HOT Tea :
1. Add half of tea spoon powder (approx.0.5g) into a cup. 
2. Pour hot water (approx.100ml) to dissolve and drink.

For COLD Tea :
It can also be enjoyed in cold water. Stir if difficult to dissolve.

Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder 50g


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