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Easy to use teabag type, which tastes good in hot or cold water and makes it easy to dispose of the tea grounds. Triangular tea bags for easy tea dispensing.


Green tea cultivated using HB-101 and completely pesticide-free, with HB-101-activated tea leaves that are mellow, deep and full of flavor and rich in catechins and other substances. Under the guidance of local specialist farmers, the tea is carefully and wholeheartedly picked by employees at Flora's own tea plantation.


<< How to Enjoy Green Tea Bags >>

For HOT Tea : 

Brew a tea bags in the boiled water (approx.150ml) and steep to desire taste.


For COLD Tea :

Put 1 or 2 tea bags in the 1 liter cold water bottle and brew to desire taste.

Then remove the brewed tea bags from the bottle.

Japanese Green Tea Bags (3g x 30Bags)

  • Japanese Green Tea Bags (FLORA CO.,Ltd)

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