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How To HB-101



We want you to love HB-101 as much as we do.

Not only is HB-101 for every kind of plant, it also has a place in each stage of the plant life cycle. Healthy plants need healthy soil to thrive.  Starting with the soil, we then treat the seed to bring about germination, nurturing the seedling to become a mature plant that allows us to harvest and produce more seeds, completing the cycle. 

Image by Devin H

HB-101 encourages the Bonsai tree growth and rehabilitates from the risk of dying or weakness.

  • Sprinkling diluted (1:1000 to 1:10000 ratio) solution to soil, front and rear leaves once a week for all season.

Please find ”HB-101 for Bonsai" pdf format document below for more detail.

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