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Image by Bérénice Blanc


"A strong and healthy plant can beat weeds and pests!"

HB-101 was developed in 1976 by Mr Yoshinari Kawase, CEO of Flora Co. Ltd Japan, out of a desire to support the environment, and to stop the destruction of insects and other pollinators due to harmful farming practices and pesticide use.

Mr Kawase's revolutionary approach of working in harmony with nature, not against it, continues today.  Over 80 million people around the world use HB-101; farmers, horticulturists and individuals can attest to the difference our product has made to yield growth, reduced pesticide use and the general health of crops and plants.

HB-101 is produced by Flora Co. Ltd. with unique Japanese ingredients, to Mr Kawase's closely guarded formula.  Brought to the UK by EverySprout, this is your opportunity to join Mr Kawase and EverySprout's 'Virtuous Cycle' where healthy plants result in healthy, happy people.

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